Ranking Survey

Academic Integrity Ranking

Please take a few minutes to respond to each of these questions and generate your report

1. Does the institution have a simple process for dealing with contract cheating?

2. What percentage of assessment is reported in criterion-referenced ways that guide future learning?

3. What percentage of assessment is marked by trained, specialized and monitored assessors?

4. What percentage of extreme low or high assessment marks are cross-checked?

5. What percentage of assessment is reviewed by internal content or assessment experts?

6. What percent of personnel are involved in assessment-related external collaboration?

7. What percentage of assessment uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to prevent inappropriate activity?

8. What percentage of assessment implementation is linked with formal costing?

9. What percentage of assessment has been verified as performing reliably across people, time and contexts?

10. Does the institution have key performance indicators which cover assessment quality and performance?

11. What percentage of students are satisfied with the reporting of results?

12. Does the institution take steps to cultivate cultures which are supportive of improving academic integrity?

13. What percentage of units/subjects involve comparison of current with prior student performance?

14. What percentage of grades are reported using designed and instructive rubrics or templates?

15. What percentage of teachers have been trained to identify contract cheating?

16. What percentage of the institution’s academic integrity policies and practices are reviewed each year?

17. Does the institution include accessible information about academic integrity and contract cheating in online platforms, course outlines and mandatory courses?

18. Is the reporting of student results consistent across the institution?

19. What percentage of assessment uses parsimonious rubrics which enable sound and generalizable scoring?

20. What percentage of assessment has been designed to optimise physical and virtual facilities?

21. What percentage of assessment tasks have been proven technically to be dependable and reliable?

22. What percentage of students have received training in academic integrity and misconduct?

23. Does the institution have discipline-specific committee/s which are responsible for student assessment?

24. What percentage of courses deploy assessment which is intrinsically useful for student learning?

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