Ranking Survey

Academic Integrity Ranking

Please take a few minutes to respond to each of these questions and generate your report

1. Are there processes in place to ensure that assessment is culturally appropriate?

2. What percentage of assessment is efficient to implement?

3. Does the institution’s top-most board or council receive regular updates on assessment processes and outcomes?

4. What percentage of assessment results are collated using integrated software platforms?

5. What percent of personnel are involved in assessment-related external collaboration?

6. What percentage of students are quizzed to determined their knowledge about academic integrity and misconduct?

7. Does the institution use scheduling platforms to optimize assessment workflows?

8. What percentage of assessment is marked by trained, specialized and monitored assessors?

9. What percentage of assessment is implemented using proctoring platforms?

10. What percentage of the institution’s academic integrity policies and practices are reviewed each year?

11. Does the institution train all leaders, managers, staff and students in academic integrity and misconduct?

12. What percentage of students are aware of the consequences of academic misconduct?

13. What percentage of assessments tasks require students to use integrative, transversal and creative skills?

14. Does the institution benchmark academic integrity practices with external institutions and standards?

15. Does the institution take steps to cultivate cultures which are supportive of improving academic integrity?

16. What percentage of courses/programs/qualifications have clearly specified learning outcomes?

17. What percentage of assessment is commented/annotated using integrated analysis platforms?

18. Does the institution have key performance indicators which cover assessment quality and performance?

19. Does the institution have policies regarding the integrity of student assessment?

20. What percentage of extreme low or high assessment marks are cross-checked?

21. What percentage of assessment prompts students to engage improving their learning?

22. What percentage of students are satisfied with the reporting of results?

23. What percentage of assessment is able to distinguish between different categories of learning/skill performance?

24. What percentage of assessment results are used to plan and deliver education to future students?

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