Ranking Survey

Academic Integrity Ranking

Please take a few minutes to respond to each of these questions and generate your report

1. Does the institution’s top-most board or council receive regular updates on assessment processes and outcomes?

2. Does the institution communicate aggregate statistics on academic misconduct to staff and students?

3. What percentage of assessment tasks involve cycles of internal drafting, review and revision?

4. What percentage of students are quizzed to determine their knowledge about academic integrity and misconduct?

5. What percentage of units/subjects use multi-faceted assessment formats (e.g. presentations, essays, exams, groupwork)?

6. What percentage of assessment tasks are evaluated by assessment/measurement specialists?

7. Does the institution have clear and fair processes to support student appeals against academic misconduct?

8. Does the institution have a simple process for dealing with contract cheating?

9. What percentage of assessment is marked using workflow management platforms?

10. What percentage of assessment is delivered without any administrative difficulties?

11. Does the institution have clear management procedures for determining the nature and extent of academic misconduct?

12. Does the institution take steps to cultivate cultures which are supportive of improving academic integrity?

13. Does the institution have an efficient means for handling student complaints and appeals?

14. What percentage of assessment is interoperable across paper and online modalities?

15. What percentage of assessment is aligned with a form of micro-credential certification?

16. What percentage of unit/subjects use formative assessment to diagnose student engagement?

17. What percentage of extreme low or high assessment marks are cross-checked?

18. What percentage of assessment uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition to prevent inappropriate activity?

19. Does the institution take steps to inform all stakeholders about contract cheating?

20. What percentage of assessment is marked by trained, specialized and monitored assessors?

21. What percentage of assessment results in micro-credential certification?

22. What percentage of students are satisfied with the reporting of results?

23. Are student results and information reported in ways which maintain confidentiality?

24. What percentage of assessment uses marking and reporting platforms?

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